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About Frank...

Since 2008, Frank has been creating graphic pieces primarily focusing on event promotions and business advertisements. Currently he holds the position of Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director of Layout & Design at Gloss Magazine. He creates one-of-a-kind promotional materials for web, social media, and print.

In addition to Graphic Design, Frank has created, developed, and continues to maintain over a dozen websites and counting. He is incredibly particular and won't quit until he has gotten everything done to the clients liking. He continues to pursue knowledge of new industry skills to keep his work as current as possible. Always professional and affordable, find out what Frank can do for you...

Basic Rates




Hourly Fee

Hourly, non-contract fee.

$30.00 USD

Press Kit

Includes 2 sizes, revisions extra.

$30.00 USD

Press Pack (Best Value)

Includes 4 sizes, 1 revision.

$50.00 USD

Stock Image Fee

Fee per hi-resolution stock image.

$7.80 USD

Logo Design

Original artwork, print & web.

$50.00 USD

Website Design

Per 4-6 pages of content.

$250.00 USD

Website Update

Per scheduled maintenance/update.

$20.00 USD


Graphic Design

The hourly fee for non-package, non-contractual work is $30.00 USD. Press kits include 2 media sized pieces of your choice (see standard media size chart below), and are ideal for social media promotions. These kits are full-color, RGB formatted, 72 dpi JPEG web-only file advertisements. Press kits are charged at a rate of $30.00 USD per kit. Press kit revisions will be charged at the hourly rate.

Press packs are the most popular and best value. Press packs include 4 print sized (see standard print size chart below), and/or media sized pieces of your choice. Press packs are ideal for club, party, and event promotions. The packs include full-color, RGB formatted, 72 dpi JPEG web-only file advertisements and/or full-color, CMYK formatted, 300 dpi printable PDF file advertisments. Press packs are charged at a rate of $50.00 USD per pack. With press packs you are allowed 1 revision at no additional charge, further revisions will be charged at the hourly rate. To take advantage of the press pack offer, you must be able to provide a minimum of 4 pieces of work in a 30 day period. Should you not provide 4 pieces of work in a 30 day period, your rate will revert to the hourly rate of $30.00 USD per piece.

Stock Images are charged at a rate of $7.80 USD per hi-resolution image. Original, one-of-a-kind logos in 2 sizes of your specification - 1 large print size (CMYK, 300 dpi, PDF) + 1 small web-only size (RGB, 72 dpi, JPEG), are charged at a rate of $50.00 USD per logo. Revisions will be charged at the hourly rate. See samples of Frank's Ad work by following the links in the table below.





851x315 Pixels Per Inch

Facebook Ads


612x612 Pixels Per Inch

Instagram Ads


2120x1192 Pixels Per Inch

Twitter Ads





11x17 Inches

Poster Ads


8.5x11 Inches

Page Ads

Gloss Magazine
5x8 Inches


4x5 Inches

Postcard Ads

Samples Still to Come: Large Prints, Web Banners, Original Logos, & Photo Retouching.

Website Design

Personal & small business websites with a basic 4-6 page layout, integrated photo gallery, and original artwork are charged at a rate of $250.00 USD per site (not including government fees & taxes), to be paid up-front for 1 year of domain rights, certification (if needed), stock imagery and any templates required. After the initial design, any maintenance / updates, must be scheduled and will be charged at a rate of $20.00 USD per update. Completion of a personal or small business site can be guaranteed in as little as 2 weeks. Completion time relies solely on the buyer's timely cooperation. Should you, the buyer, have secured your own domain rights, the initial rate will be decreased by $50.00 USD. In the event that the designer must secure the domain rights for you, a repeat fee of $50.00 USD will be assessed and billed to you every 12 months to maintain these rights. In addition, any government fees & taxes, will be billed to you, the buyer, every 12 months. Check out some of Frank's site designs by visiting the links below.

Website Samples: BeBe Sweetbriar, Berman Artistry, Designed By Frank, DJ MC2,
La Casa Restaurant, Misara Kai, Modabel USA, Nakkid Youth, Robbie Wayne Productions,
Sean Carino Designs, Sweet Turkie Presents



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