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Gloss Magazine Advertisers:


Are you a GLOSS Magazine advertiser In need of an eye-catching, dynamic Ad? Do you have an existing Ad in GLOSS that is outdated, unsatisfying, or no longer bringing you the business it used to? Are you a new GLOSS advertiser looking to edit, re-work, or create a new advertisement for our next issue? We can help!!!

New, returning and existing GLOSS Magazine advertisers - let our Creative Director create the perfect advertisement for you and be seen by thousands in our print edition from Sacramento and San Francisco to Los Angeles, California. In addition, be seen by hundreds-of-thousands online at

Creative Director / Graphic Designer, Frank Fanucchi offers GLOSS advertisers a discounted price of $50-$75 to create or edit your GLOSS Magazine Advertisement. Simply email Frank the necessary information listed below and let him take it from there.

E-mail: the following:
1. Size: full or half page
2. Ad text including address, phone, site, etc.
3. Logos/images (hi-res 300dpi)
4. Ideas & color scheme (if any)
5. Original PSD file (if available)

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